The Stressful Life of Moving

I’m sorry I’ve been absent for sooo long but we’ve been moving and getting our house set up and getting the old house good to go for the renters. Man oh man was that stressful. 3 weeks of nonstop nights of staying up till 2-3am and waking up at 6am to got to work and then do it all over again. Fuck did it suck.

Little back story here. My boyfriend wanted to remodel the guest bathroom at the old house. I said sure why not. So, he started it and it was moving quick and I was thinking, wow this is gonna be great should be done in a month maybe less. Well….. not so much. It ended up taking over a year to finish this damn bathroom. He got to a point where it got too complicated and he didn’t know how or where to go from where he stopped. So there the bathroom sat for over a year. GREAT.

Moving forward now. We are deciding to move and rent the house we use to live in. We found a house we really loved (the one we now live in) and decide we are going to rent our house (the old one). We found renters in less than a week and started packing 2 weeks before we moved. but of course the bathroom just sat and was not done. I packed up the whole house. Every last bit of it. Fuck that sucked. **Little tip: go room by room, starting with the room you least use the most so you can pack what you don’t use. **Another little tip: Start packing at least 3-4 weeks before you move so you can be a bit more organized (unless you don’t have a lot of stuff. In our case we had a lot of shit).

So, we got all of our shit all packed and ready to go. Jumping forward to the big moving day. We got a 26 foot truck for all of our shit. started moving when we got the the go ahead at 3pm. I know that is late but that’s when we were allowed into the new house. We spent from 11 am to 3 am moving. It was not easy but we did it. From there it was all a blur and chaos. We had just over a week to get the old house ready to go for the renters. He got the bathroom good to go after our 3am nights, painting, cleaning, and running around. With some of those days I was painting our new house and unpacking what I could so we weren’t just living in boxes. Luckily we had some family in town. His dad helped with the bathroom and my mom was helping with the new house. Their help was just what we needed to get everything done in time.

After the madness and craziness we finally got the boxes unpacked we got the kids rooms good to go for them. We got rooms painted and now we can finally start living the good life in our new home!

Tips to Make Your Life A Little Easier While Moving

1.) Make your house ready to go for renters at least a month before you move so you can ONLY focus on the new house and not overwhelm yourself too much.

2.) Start packing at least 3-4 weeks before you move depending on how much shit you have.

3.) If you are moving with kiddos, make sure you have Ipads or coloring or things like that so they have things to play with while your packing or actually moving on moving day.

4.) Don’t get overwhelmed. I know it is hard (especially in my case) but take your little victories as they come!

5.) Enjoy your new house. Don’t feel like you have to get everything done all in one day. Take your time. Love your new house and enjoy it!!!

Those are just little tips from me to you. Sorry I have been gone for so long. Give me some ideas on what you would want to hear from me or do you just want me everyday life as it comes?

With all My love,


P.S. Enjoy some before and afters of the bedrooms in the new house.

Master Bedroom makeover… From horrible mint green to Alabaster White. Looks even better now that we have our bed and clothes put away (:

Luxe’s room was a very bright yellow. Her room went to a pretty light gray and is going to be a frozen themed room. Her pictures and decor is all up on her walls now but it is a work in progress (: We also had a little accident with someone….. walking into the paint lol

This is little De’s room. He had bright blue was and now has the same gray as Luxe’s Room. De wants a batman theme room so that is what we are doing. This week I am going to be painting Gotham City with the batman symbol. It is going to be really awesome!

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